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Welcome to the Thames Valley Home Cinema

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Specialising in TV sound enhancement



Are you unhappy with the sound quality from your flat-screen TV?

If so, you are not alone.

The modern flat screen TV, whether it is LCD, LED or Plasma is a fantastic piece of technology, bringing crisp, high-definition images to every home.  The sleek lines and minimal size of these does however have one major drawback... the sound quality!

Back in the days of the old-fashioned CRT 'tube' TV  (remember them?) there was a lot of empty space in the cabinet to fit a decent set of speakers, the cabinet itself also assisted to enhance the sound, very much like the enclosures of any moden hifi speaker.  With the introduction of flat-panel TVs, the space available for speakers is minimal. and with the fashion for ever slimmer and neater enclosures the speaker systems are almost an afterthought. 


"It seems that with all the attention given to our eyes, we have totally forgotten about our ears!

Sound is responsible for at least 50% of the viewing experience,

so why do we put up with such poor sound quality? 

In many cases it is simply that we feel that there isn't a simple option to improve the sound.

It requires lots of speakers and cables all over the room doesn't it?

No.  Not at all !"




Just one of our satisfied customers...

"First thing is the service from Thames Valley Home Cinema, Steve in particular first class can not fault them. The equipment does exactly what is said about it. Not often you get this kind of service. It has made watching and listening to a flat screen TV so much more enjoyable all that and an i pod dock. What more could you ask."


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The Thames Valley Home Cinema blog - News, Views and Reviews for all things audio-visual
  1. Mobile Cinema Hits the Road!

    26.11.2014 13:11

    Our new mobile cinema hits the road from December.  Perfect for parties and events, indoors or out (weather permitting, you may want to wait until Spring!) our mobile cinema brings all the excitement of the 'big screen' to your venue.  Available for daily hire, with or without an operator.  For full details and to make an enquiry, visit our mobile cinema page

  2. Persistence Pays!

    28.02.2014 11:02

      Well, it's been another eventful and varied week.  Tuesday in particular was one of those days that teetered between frustration and relief (does that sound rude or is it just me?).  I took a call from a rather frustrated owner of an Onkyo surround-sound system (NR905) who, try as he might, couldn't get the entire 7.1 setup to work.  The system was installed by the owner and his next-door neighbour, so fault finding was going to start from basics.  After confirming that all 7 speakers were 'live' by swapping outputs around, it came down to the left/right front channel outputs being 'dead'.  Having spent an hour or so contorting myself to check out the receiver connections (here's a top-tip, when you connect up a 7.1 system, try to leave slightly more than two inches of cable free at the receiver end!!) and re-running the configuration software, it seemed like this one ...

  3. 2014, the year of the Sound Base?

    16.01.2014 14:01

    The Canton DM50 Soundplinth Despite the undoubted success and popularity of TV Soundbars, there is always space for a new concept or design.  This year looks like it may be the year of the Sound Base.  The idea is simple, soundbars are designed to sit either in front of, or just below, the TV.  This is all good if you have space, but if you have limited room to put a soundbar, or just prefer a different look, the sound base allows you to sit your TV directly on top of the unit.  This works very well from the aesthetic point of view whilst giving the designers more interior volume to play with, which potentially provides greater audio quality, especially at the low frequency end.  At the moment we have two sound base systems available, from Orbitsound and Canton.  We will be posting more detailed reviews soon, but we already ...

  4. The Orbitsound SB60 airSoundBase has arrived

    11.09.2013 09:09

    Orbitsound have long been a best seller in the mid-range soundbar market, for a very good reason.  Their T12 was a great sounding product with features and build-quality to match.  The diminutive T9 was perfect for smaller rooms and bedrooms and the latest M12 and M9 combine all the best features of the earlier models with the convenience of Bluetooth music streaming.  So, where next?     The answer is the SB60 airSoundBase.  What makes it stand out?  Simple, it’s a stand!  This is a product that our customers have been asking for since we entered the soundbar market almost three years ago and now it’s here.   Quite simply, the SB60 is a soundbar that your TV sits on top of.  There’s no need to make room or concern yourself whether the soundbar will obstruct your view of the TV, you just plug it in, sit ...

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